80 min
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With the advent of Generative AI, the role of the software engineer sits at the edge of drastic transformation. Many have embraced this transformation, leaning into the adoption of AI-assisted coding tools.

However, many developers are still struggling to adopt AI tools in their day-to-day development process - partially due to AI Skill  Threat: when developers fear that the skills that have contributed to their success as code writers may become obsolete, thus threatening their identities as software practitioners.

In our research, 45% of developers reported AI skill threats. We also found that developers are poised and eager to address the threat they’re feeling, with 74% of developers reporting that they plan to actively upskill in AI-assisted coding tools and technologies.

In this workshop, we’ll tackle AI adoption inside engineering organisations head-on and help today’s technology leaders adopt AI-assisted coding tools and practices in a human-centred and evidence-based way. We’ll walk you through our Generative AI Adoption Toolkit – which comes complete with a benchmarking assessment adapted from our research – that allows organisations and teams to first benchmark their AI adoption readiness, and then respond appropriately to it with tools that allow you to meet your teams and engineers where they’re at in their AI adoption journey.

By the end of the session, you’ll walk away with an understanding of how your  engineering organisation can adapt to this new world of AI-assisted knowledge work in a way that protects the human intelligence of your organisation while preserving it.