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> Findings from our 1,100+ engineer survey responses

> Insights into how exactly organizations been been changing

> Understand where leaders are spending their time now

> The industry trends leaders are most excited and concerned about

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We wanted to understand how much stress engineering leaders were under as a result of widespread layoffs, constant reorgs, rampant generative AI hype, and the end of zero-interest-rate exuberance.

There was a growing sense of unease amongst the ranks of engineering leaders and managers as we rounded into 2024. The vibes were off, but we didn’t have any data to back up how engineering leaders were feeling about the state of the industry, until now.

The results were striking, painting a picture of engineering managers working more hours than before and balancing an ever-changing list of priorities. There's also plenty to be excited about, and with constraints comes a need for focus and results. How will you respond?

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