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Become a contributor

We are a safe, welcoming space that wants all voices of the engineering leadership community to be heard. Whether it is your first-ever live talk or your 50th article, we want to champion your ideas. 

If you have thought about writing an article for us, or giving a talk at a LeadDev conference, then read on to see what we’re looking for.

What subject should you focus on?

Our four main themes for Lead Dev are the following:

  • Team (anything related to people management, inclusive & diverse environments, hiring & retention, challenging issues etc.)
  • Tech (anything related to new languages, frameworks & technologies, trends & changes, scaling, architecture etc.) 
  • Process  (anything related to the way your team works, Agile & other delivery methods, maintaining a high-performing team etc.) 
  • Personal Development (anything related to improving leadership skills, maintaining your mental health, adapting to a new role etc.)  

Who will you be writing for or speaking to?

Our audience consists of all senior engineering folk, from tech leads to VPs. They are consistently technical (across a very broad range of technologies and industries) with many line managing people in their organisations. It’s also important to note that some attendees have just been promoted, or are trying to figure out what skills they need to progress into a tech lead role.

Writing an article

What should it look like?

If you submit a proposal for an article and we select it, you will soon receive an editorial guide from us including information on the preferred word count, style, and formatting. So for now, all you need to write is a title and short description that explains the article’s content.

What does LeadDev offer?

If we choose your article for publication, we’ll offer all the support we can in the creation of your article. After a first draft has been handed in, it will be passed to our copywriting team who will work with you to ensure that your article is the best that it can be.

We also pay an honorarium of $250 to everyone who writes an article for our site.

Questions about the process

If you have any further questions before you submit, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help. 

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