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17 Sep 2020 Workshop

Be a brilliant people developer

Be a brilliant people developer
An online workshop with LeadDev Chair & co-curator Meri Williams
01 Sep 2020 Course

LeadDev Together

LeadDev Together
Increase your impact by coming together
Audience at a conference
Speaker on stage

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30 Sep 2020 Panel

The power of visibility to unblock collaboration

How to foster a culture of collaboration in your engineering teams and beyond
01 Oct 2020 Bookclub

Bookmarked: Working in public

Nadia Eghbal in conversation
08 Oct 2020 Bookclub

Bookmarked: Check Your Privilege

Myisha Hill in conversation
02 Dec 2020 Conference

LeadDev Live Winter 2020

Inspiration for effective technical leadership
07 - 08 Apr 2021 Conference

LeadDev New York 2021

Solving the challenges of technical leadership
08 - 09 Jun 2021 Conference

LeadDev London 2021

The flagship LeadDev conference
10 Jun 2021 Conference

Manager of Managers London 2021

Empowering senior engineering leaders
21 - 22 Oct 2021 Conference

LeadDev San Francisco 2021

Bringing better technical leadership to the West Coast
09 - 10 Dec 2021 Conference

LeadDev Berlin 2021

Bringing better technical leadership to Europe's startup hub