London, June 27 & 28 

Join our community of software engineering managers and hear inspirational stories that will help you become an effective technical leader and develop high-performing tech teams in challenging times.

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Conference Themes
2023 programme

The tech industry is reeling from multiple shocks as recession and layoffs bite. The conference programming committee has designed this year's content to help.

  • Leading in a downturn
  • Doing more with less
  • Learning from incidents/failure
  • Onboarding effectively

Featured speakers

Get unparalleled access to industry leaders with decades worth of experience building effective engineering teams.

Meri Williams
Meri Williams CTO and Advisor
James Stanier
James Stanier Shopify Director of Engineering
Rafia Kilian
Rafia Kilian NASA JPL Lead Full Stack Software Engineer
Colin Walder London 2023
Colin Walder CD Projekt Red Engineering Director, Management and Audio
Winter Wei London 2023
Winter Wei Shopify Senior UX Manager
Janet Balneaves London 2023
Janet Balneaves Shopify Product Director
Daniel Korn
Daniel Korn Lemonade Director of Engineering
Lisa Karlin Curtis Software Engineer
Jacqueline Pan
Jacqueline Pan Bloomberg Software Engineering Team Lead
Marlena Lui
Marlena Lui Bloomberg Software Engineering Team Lead
Shanea Leven
Shanea Leven CodeSee Founder + CEO
Niranjan Uma Shankar
Niranjan Uma Shankar Automattic Inc Head of Acquisition Growth Engineering
Cat Hicks
Cat Hicks Pluralsight Flow VP of Research Insights & Director of Developer Success Lab, Flow
Alicia Collymore
Alicia Collymore Engineering Manager
Olena Sovyn
Olena Sovyn Webflow Staff Software Engineer
David Kiger
David Kiger Yelp Director of Engineering
Aditya Bansal
Aditya Bansal Cortex Founding Engineer
Gal Bashan
Gal Bashan Cisco Director of engineering
Gabriel Michels
Gabriel Michels Choco Director of Engineering
Winna Bridgewater
Winna Bridgewater Syntasso Principal Engineer
Roger Gros
Roger Gros Factorial Senior Engineering Manager
Bianca Costache
Bianca Costache Adobe Engineering Manager
Leandro César Silva
Leandro César Silva Loggi Tech Senior Engineering Manager
Sinéad Cummings
Sinéad Cummings Opencast Software Senior Consultant
Sally Lait
Sally Lait Engineering Leader
Serah Njambi Kiburu
Serah Njambi Kiburu Spotify Senior Developer Advocate
Cristina Yenyxe Gonzalez Garcia
Cristina Yenyxe Gonzalez Garcia eyeo Director of Engineering
	Kristen Foster Marks
Kristen Foster-Marks Pluralsight Technical Lead @ Technology Center of Excellence
Clare Sudbery
Clare Sudbery Sudbery Software Engineering Ltd Independent Technical Coach
Delegates walking through the entrance to LeadDev London 2022
Delegates speaking with a sponsor with a computer screen in the background at LeadDev London 2022

The LeadDev Experience

Chat with our speakers in Office Hours
office hours

Chat with our speakers in Office Hours

The 20 best-practice led talks chosen from 650+ proposals

The 20 best-practice led talks chosen from 650+ proposals

Hear all of the best talks in a single track
no choice

Hear all of the best talks in a single track

Quiet spaces to relax and find calm

Quiet spaces to relax and find calm

A group of delegates enjoying a conversation in a break in LeadDev London 2022

Meet your peers from across the tech industry

Make connections and share ideas with the most progressive engineering leaders in Europe.

Presenting companies

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  • NASA JPL Logo
  • shopify
  • insurance logo
  • Bloomberg logo
  • Automattic
  • Pluralsight Flow - colour (transparent)
  • Incident
  • Webflow
  • Yelp
  • cisco
  • Adobe

The Venue

LeadDev is hosted at The Barbican in the heart of the City of London. The iconic brutalist 1960s building, with a three tiered theatre, is the perfect place to sit back and soak up all of the ideas on offer. 

The LeadDev London stage at the Barbican with the theatre audience visible

Hear from past attendees on their experiences with LeadDev conferences

"Thank you LeadDev for such an amazing and inspiring event! Amazing because I learned so much and made so many great connections. Inspiring because I hope to not only attend next year's event, I hope to do so as a speaker."

Erika Lewis
Wide Eye Creative Senior Engineering Manager

"This was my fourth time attending LeadDev. Every subsequent time I brought more and more co-workers from Vinted Engineering. As one of us said this year - 'it’s the most useful conference I’ve ever attended.' "

Mindaugas Mozunas
Vinted VP of Engineering

"I loved the diversity in the speaker line up! It's important to see others like you up on the stage to foster inclusivity. I also loved meeting speakers and folks in real life that I'd known through twitter for a long time."

Crystal Hirschorn
Snyk Director of Engineering

Neha Batra's LeadDev story

Like many delegates and speakers, LeadDev has been a source of inspiration and connection as she has built herself a successful leadership career.

When I first spoke at LeadDev, I was an Engineering Manager eager to share the tools I had with the LeadDev community and I was received with encouragement and a new network of people who shared common leadership goals and values with me.

Several years later, I’m a VP with the same passion to share the tools I have but a whole different perspective! I’ve gotten to see my LeadDev network grow through their roles alongside me.quote marks
Meri Williams smiling broadly on stage at LeadDev London 2022

Meet your conference chair: Meri Williams

Meri is an experienced CTO who has led teams in a range of organisations from Procter & Gamble to Monzo. She was LeadDev's founding Chair in 2015, helping to shape the conference as you experience it today.

I feel proud that through LeadDev we are able to have real impact in some of the areas I care most deeply about: building amazing teams, helping people to build their technical leadership skills, providing a platform for diverse opinions and experiences. quote marks

Safety & security

Your health, safety, and comfort are priorities for us. To make sure you can enjoy the conference without worry, we are following local and international COVID guidelines and best practice.

Masked staff at the registration desk for LeadDev London 2022

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