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Service catalogs promise a lot of things: powerful automations, insights into your technology estate.

But over the last few years, many of us have learned that setting up and maintaining a service catalog is **really hard**. 

Building out a catalog from a standing start can take months, or even years. Too many people get stuck in a chicken-and-egg situation, where you can’t deliver value because you don’t have the data in your catalog, and you can’t convince anyone to spend time helping you because the catalog doesn’t do anything yet. 

We’ll talk about how we can break this cycle, providing an alternative approach for delivering incremental value while building out your catalog. This will include tips to take back to your teams, whether you’ve got a catalog already or haven’t even started. 

We’ll then talk about how we can apply the same principles beyond just ‘services’, to get more value across the rest of your organisation and drive genuinely impactful automation and insights.