The highest levels of engineering management are challenging and isolating. Building your professional network is the key to success.

LeadingEng audience

LeadingEng is a one-day conference curated for Directors, VPs of Engineering, and CTOs. 

As the scope of your role increases, the number of colleagues you can turn to in your own organization with similar responsibilities decreases. 

That's why we're bringing together 150+ very senior leaders from across the industry for a day of guided discussions, dedicated networking time, in-depth case studies, and so much more.

Learn from leaders at...

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  • Financial Times

Key takeaways

Leadership strategies

Navigate complex strategies

Nurture engineering teams

Nurture cross-functional relationships

Leadership targets

Achieve business objectives


Supercharge career growth

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Meet the speakers

Learn from world-renowned leaders at the highest levels of engineering management.

Meri Williams
Meri Williams CTO and Advisor
Lara Hogan
Lara Hogan Wherewithall Co-founder
Camille Fournier
Camille Fournier JP Morgan, Chase & Co Author, CTO
Maria G
Maria Gutierrez Twitter VP of Engineering
Allan Leinwand
Allan Leinwand Shopify CTO
smruti patel
Smruti Patel Stripe Head of Engineering
Dolapo Falola Browser Company Head of Engineering
Anna Shipman
Anna Shipman FT Technical Director for Customer Products
Kat Kuhl
Kat Kuhl Adjust Director of Backend Engineering
Kevin Goldsmith
Kevin Goldsmith Anaconda CTO
Tramale Turner
Tramale Turner Taxbit CTO

Co-located events for your entire engineering team

A successful, high-performing engineering organization needs effective leadership at all levels. 


LeadDev - The essential event for Engineering Managers

As managers move from maker to multiplier, they need to level-up their skill set to be successful. 

LeadDev London is a two-day conference on London 7 & 8 for new and seasoned managers.

LeadDev London 2022 with speaker Meri Williams

Health & safety

Your health, safety, and comfort are priorities for us. To make sure you can enjoy the conference without worry, we are following local and international COVID guidelines and best practices.

LeadingEng safety

"Leadership is lonely" - This is a wonderful community and opportunity to meet amazing people and share ideas.

Excellent talks on senior management. I’ve been looking for something like this for such a long time!

The content is fantastic, ferociously practical. You won't find this specific focus on senior engineering leadership elsewhere.



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