Every leader needs some reassurance that they’re heading in the right direction. That’s why we created the LeadingEng conference.

LeadingEng audience

If you’ve got some leadership weak spots then LeadingEng is the most effective way to pick up the knowledge you need to lead.

LeadingEng is the ultimate one-day event specifically created for new and existing senior technology leaders, Heads, Directors and VPs of Engineering. It gives you the insights and reassurance you need to tackle a range of leadership challenges - from building healthy cross-functional  relationships to creating strategy for your teams. This event is a powerful mix of guided discussions, interactive talks, in-depth case studies, and networking. So if you’re looking for some expert guidance on delivering as a manager of managers, save your seat today.

Key takeaways

Leadership strategies

Navigate complex strategies

Nurture engineering teams

Nurture cross-functional relationships

Leadership targets

Achieve business objectives


Supercharge career growth

Meet the speakers

Learn from world-renowned leaders at the highest levels of engineering management.

Full line-up of speakers to be announced soon.

Meri Williams
Meri Williams CTO and Advisor
Sarah Wells
Sarah Wells Technical Director & Speaker
Maria G
Maria Gutierrez Twitter VP of Engineering
Dan Blundell
Dan Blundell Gymshark Engineering Director
Neha Batra
Neha Batra GitHub Senior Director of Engineering
Lara Hogan
Lara Hogan Wherewithall Co-founder
Christian Wong
Christian Wong Engineering Director
Payam Azadi
Payam Azadi

London related events

A successful, high-performing engineering organization needs effective leadership at all levels. 

LeadDev - The essential event for Engineering Managers


As managers move from maker to multiplier, they need to level-up their skill set to be successful. 

LeadDev London is a two-day conference on June 27 & 28 for new and seasoned engineering managers.




StaffPlus - The technical leadership conference for staff engineers and up


Leadership does not equal management. Engineers scaling the technical track need to take on a new set of skills.

StaffPlus London is a two-day conference on June 27 & 28, focussing on the strategies and frameworks specific to the senior individual contributor ladder.

London Schedule

June 27-28 June 29
LeadDev London StaffPlus London LeadingEng London

LeadingEng Location

ETC St Paul's

200 Aldersgate St,

Barbican, London


Health & safety

Your health, safety, and comfort are priorities for us. To make sure you can enjoy the conference without worry, we are following local and international COVID guidelines and best practices.

LeadingEng safety

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