The tech industry is notorious for high rates of stress and burnout in its engineering community. Now, more than ever, teams are under immense pressure to deliver the same results with fewer resources – resulting in well-being being sidelined while organizations figure out their next steps in an uncertain economy.

In this Deep Dive, we will be exploring how engineering leaders can build and maintain a culture of developer well-being. We will be discussing what prioritizing developer well-being means, and how we can help our teams find greater fulfillment in their work by implementing practices that tackle issues such as burnout, stress, and isolation.


Recognizing and preventing burnout in your teams

In this panel, technology leaders will focus on identifying what burnout really looks like and how to prevent it. The panel will discuss how managers of all levels can improve the well-being of their teams.



Lena Reinhard Engineering Leadership & Executive Coach
Derek Chan Alaska Air Director of Software Engineering
Tramaine Darby Red Hat Senior Engineering Manager
Luke Stevens Jellyfish Director of Engineering
Shelly Stuart CircleCI Senior Engineering Manager

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Five strategies to navigate uncertain times

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