15 years ago, the role of a front-end developer was largely defined by their expertise of webpage UI and UX via the creative use of front-end languages like HTML and CSS. But just as everything in technology has evolved, so too has the role of the front-end developer.


In this Deep Dive, we dig into what we can expect from the world of front-end engineering in 2023, and how front-end developers can adopt a realistic and sustainable approach to the increasing responsibilities that are expected of them.

Adobe deep dive

What skills do you need to make it in front-end today?

In this panel, a group of engineering leaders come together to discuss the skills needed for the job, and how to navigate the landscape of rapidly changing technologies.


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Arylee McSweaney Frontend Enablement Director of Engineering
Hannes Obweger
Shiri Haim CyberArk Head of Architecture
Chris Pilsworth Adobe Solution Consultant

The business case for headless CMS - a quick guide for developers

Having a Headless CMS saves front-end developers' time, allowing them to focus on innovation and creation. Here's how.


What makes a front-end developer in 2023?

Nadia Makarevich, Founding Engineer at Pyn and all round front-end aficionado, talks about changing role expectations for new and current front-end developers. Here’s where she see the role going in 2023.

The 2023 Digital Trends Report

How are the world's biggest companies envisaging the future of customer experience?

Julia Nguyen

Riding the ever-changing waves of front-end development

Julia Nguyen, founder of open source mental health communication app if-me.org, challenges front-end developers to reassess their impact on the individual, team and organizational level, to ensure they're getting the most out of the role