Customers are now demanding faster and more reliable products, and user experience (UX) failures are broadcast on social media for the world to see. In order to keep up, DevOps teams in engineering orgs of all sizes are under pressure to meet these expectations via more automation, faster fixes, and tighter feedback loops.


In this Deep Dive, we discuss the important role DevOps can play in creating a great user experience. We focus on how engineers can use data to better understand and predict user needs, and practical ways to fold UX practices into an existing DevOps culture.


What DevOps teams need to know in 2023

In this panel, engineering leaders come together to share what user experience means to them, and ways to unlock the potential of DevOps teams to drive business impact throughout 2023.

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Sarah Wells
Sarah Wells Technical Director & Speaker
Ryn Daniels
Ryn Daniels Explosion Principal Engineer
Molly struve
Molly Struve Netflix Sr. Site Reliability Engineer on CORE Streaming
Arthur Hamon
Arthur Hamon Splunk DevOps Digital Experience monitoring Specialist
Kishore Jalleda
Kishore Jalleda SRE Expert

The relationship between observability, OpenTelemetry and UX

In this article, Stephane Estevez, Observability Specialist at Splunk, talks us through the most effective cloud native observability approach to adopt to ensure a positive user experience.

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For developers these days, user experience is as much about being proactive as reactive.

Your users expect a seamless digital experience - and it's easier to provide than you might think.

Running human-focused postmortems

DevOps teams can't begin to understand why the humans that use their products behave the way they do, without first applying the same thinking to themselves. Randall Koutnik explores why we should be studying how engineers respond to incidents.