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Know which technologies and skills are essential for modern frontend development teams

If you want to succeed in frontend development, it’s essential that you’re able to keep up with the rapidly changing web development landscape. Ten years ago, knowing the fundamentals of code and having an appreciation of effective UX was all you needed to do your job well. Today, frontend developers are expected to have a robust understanding of the latest technologies and frameworks and apply these to projects at any point. Since few skill sets can be transferred from framework to framework, developers face huge learning curves on the job. 

In this panel discussion, engineering leaders will come together to discuss how new technologies and user expectations are changing the world of frontend engineering and how engineers can build successful careers. They will discuss how frontend developers can prioritise what to learn in their role, tackle imposter syndrome and gain the confidence in their code to thrive in an uncertain landscape.

Key takeaways

  • Understand why frontend development is changing and what to expect for the future
  • Learn which skills are essential to have to succeed and which aren’t 
  • Tackle burnout by effectively prioritising workload and energy
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