The best cloud architecture is one that is designed for change. As your business scales and workloads increase, it’s important to monitor how your applications and services are being affected and optimize where needed to make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible. Are microservices right for every application? Can that VM be resized? What can be deprecated?.

In this Deep Dive, we will explore what it means to optimize your cloud architecture for scale, cost, and performance. We’ll dig into how technical architects can most effectively assess the performance of current applications, as well as how to tweak your cloud resources to meet current, and future, business needs.

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Designing the best cloud architecture for your org

In this panel, cloud engineering experts will walk through the steps that every cloud engineering team should take when designing a successful cloud architecture for their org.


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Tanusree (Tanu) McCabe CVS Sr Distinguished Engineer, Architect
Fagani Hajizada DataRobot Engineering Lead
Kesha Williams A Cloud Guru Software Engineer & Principal Training Architect
Mike Sparr DoiT International Staff Cloud Architect
Clint France AMD Director - Datacenter and Cloud Ecosystem Enablement

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