From setting top level OKRs right down to drawing up budgets and forecasted costs, the annual planning process can seem like a skill all on its own. And, while this typically isn't an engineering leader's favorite job, it's a really important one - how effective you are at setting big-picture goals and planning for them can mean the difference between a stretched and dissatisfied team, and one that’s happy, in control and high-performing.

In this deep dive, both new and experienced managers will share their approaches to planning ahead, starting with deciding which business goals to focus on, creating realistic budgets, assessing headcount and allocating resources. We will be diving into how you can figure out what your teams need to succeed and how to communicate these plans effectively to peers and managers to get what you need.


Strategies for leaders when planning the annual roadmap

In this panel, expert engineering leaders unveil the secrets to transforming the overwhelming (and sometimes mundane) task of yearly planning into a roadmap for success.


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Franziska Hinkelmann Microsoft Principal Manager
Eli Daniel Jellyfish Head of Engineering
Allison McMillan Engineering Leadership Consultant
Jem Young Netflix Engineering Manager

Working with leadership to plan for a successful new year

Najla Elmachtoub explains how with knowledge of business context, an understanding of leadership’s priorities, and a strong roadmap, you can make the most of your annual planning process.

annual planning

Overcoming the challenges of annual budget planning

Reflecting on your past financial year, outlining your goals for the next one, and considering the implications for the years beyond can help you overcome the more challenging aspects of budget planning.

Five best practices for annual budget planning

Kevin Dallaire discusses how budget planning season is crucial for setting the following year’s strategic direction, the team’s top priorities, and where your team needs to invest in order to achieve business objectives.

R and D guide

R&D Budget Planning in the Year of Generative AI

With an uncertain economy and executive leadership turning to R&D for the AI strategy, 2024 is proving to be a uniquely difficult year for annual budget planning.