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The more effective you are as a manager, the more likely it is that you’ll move from managing one team to managing many. When you do, the challenges you face will change. As a manager of managers, your distractions will multiply, and it will become crucial for you to cut through the noise and focus on the actions that drive the most impact in your organization.

As an enterprise leader, you have two significant responsibilities: articulating a shared vision and coaching your managers to execute on it. Unlike planning technical roadmaps, choosing the right technologies, and delivering at scale — all important topics you will undoubtedly contribute to — these responsibilities are the ones your teams rely on you to deliver on. In this talk, we’ll discuss how to get there.

I'll touch on socializing your vision for your teams and then focus on coaching your managers to make that vision a reality — by steering them away from common mistakes, building collaboration among them, and delegating ownership to them (instead of just responsibility).

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