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Join me on a tech odyssey as I recount our epic journey of migrating one of our largest loyalty programs from a poorly designed architecture to a scalable, cutting-edge tech platform.

This colossal mission wasn't just about mastering new technology, but also about ensuring operational excellence, continuous feature development, and navigating the high seas of scale. We encountered numerous challenges, setbacks, and multiple iterations, each teaching us valuable lessons. This talk offers a candid exploration of those lessons and a guide to the pitfalls to avoid when embarking on your own tech migration adventures.


  • Practical insights into the transformation from a poorly designed architecture to a scalable tech platform.
  • Understanding the challenges and strategies of managing continuous development and operational excellence during a tech migration.
  • Lessons learned from the iterative process, failures, and successful scalability during tech migration.
  • Strategies for ensuring team understanding and adoption of a completely new technology.