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So you need a native app ! Great - let’s go hire some developers and off we go.

Well - not so fast. Are we going to use the default approach of using the OS vendor recommended tools such as Xcode with Swift and Android Studio with Kotlin? That seems inefficient to write one app for 2 platforms. Maybe we can use one of those cross platform frameworks, like Xamarin, React Native, Ionic or even Flutter. 

With an ever evolving landscape of ways to build apps for iOS and Android, it can be hard to know which approach to choose when starting out. Worse still, what if you’ve already chosen a technology and are wondering whether it is worthwhile changing to a different framework? 

Over the last 15 years, I have experienced delivering native apps across a variety of frameworks, from native ObjC/Swift and Java/Kotlin to Xamarin and React Native, and a fair few things in-between. I have also dabbled in that questionable approach deservedly relegated to history; PhoneGap !! 

In this talk I introduce the approaches to native development that are worthy of consideration in 2024, and the reasons and motivations that may lead you to consider one over the other. This will be an evidence based exploration of how companies are making some well known apps that may well be on your phones today. 

Factors I will discuss include maturity of framework, availability of support, hirability of required skills, performance, and other key points that need to be considered. 

You will leave this talk with a good outline understanding of the factors you should consider when choosing the right technology for your iOS and Android app.