60 min
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As Engineering Leaders, we don’t operate within a vacuum.

We exist within a larger organisation, whether that be a company, institute, university, political party, charity or some other type of organisation. Understanding the key success metrics of that organisation is essential for you to be a leader in the company – don’t become the stereotype of the “techie sitting in the corner” who only pipes up on engineering-specific topics. In this session, we’ll cover the basics of business acumen and help you understand for your own organisation what matters most and how success is measured. 

In this section we'll look at:

  • Understanding what type of organisation you work at
  • Understanding what that organisation’s primary driver is
  • Common types of businesses that exist
  • Common types of funding that exist
  • How to read a P&L
  • Understanding common business terms – and the ones your org might have made up to measure itself
  • Basics of CAPEX vs OPEX
  • R&D Tax Credits aka why your Finance team wants engineers to use time tracking software
  • Translating your projects into business terms