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Aggravations! Annoyances! Failures! Flaws! *UGH*! 
Frustrations are inevitable at work — doubly so when you’re given the increased visibility of a manager or staff+ developer. Calling out imperfections around you is an important step in making them better. But with increased visibility comes increased scrutiny and personal influence with other developers. A single poorly-placed snide side remark can wreck your reputation.

I, a serial complainer with a catchy smile, will walk you through the steps I take to make sure my complaining is heard and felt without causing pain:

• Portraying a positive persona: smiling, and taking the ‘meat’ out of some of your feedback sandwiches
• Knowing when to take conversations private
• Re-reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People” (the 21st century edition) once a year
• Seeing your messaging through the eyes of your teammates

These tips and strategies will help you keep complaining in a positive, action-oriented manner — without alienating the rest of your company.

Building effective relationships
Building effective relationships
Say no to burnout and stand up for yourself
Say no to burnout and stand up for yourself