80 min
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How technical do technical leaders have to be? Are you worried that you’re too hands-on, or not hands-on enough? Are you exhausting yourself trying to keep up with every technical detail in your domain?

Sometimes individual contributors are promoted to leadership positions and worry that they won’t be as hands-on as they used to be. Sometimes they worry that they no longer have time to stay up to date with modern technology and/or the state of their team’s code base(s). Sometimes it’s the other way around: Somebody who has never been hands-on in the technical realm is given a leadership position, and worries they’re “not technical enough”.

Whatever your position, this workshop will help you overcome your worries and figure out the best attitude and approach for you and your circumstances. 


  • How to embrace the difference between individual contributor and technical leader
  • How to take a step back from “knowing all the things”
  • How to make the most of the knowledge and experience of your team
  • How to identify when technical knowledge matters and when it doesn’t
  • How to learn the things you need to know