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Ever wondered, if you as an engineering manager will be able to take an extended period of time off & come back to a team which has continued to be high functioning and productive?

Feb 7 to April 18, 2023 Group leadership course
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Nurturing effective teams

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As more and more companies offer longer than before parental leaves or sabbaticals, we as engineering managers are faced with the grappling question of - how will my team fare when I am gone? Will all hell break loose? Will things remain about the same?

In this talk I will share the things you can do to ensure success for your team while you are away. I had the privilege of taking 6 months of parental leave and when I came back, I was pleasantly surprised to see things functioning great, with the team having made great strides towards our annual goals & KPIs. Not only that, ICs had grown themselves in different skill sets, each of them assuming different roles and responsibilities while I was away, helping them move up in various competencies.

This talk will broadly cover:

  • What all should your handover document cover
  • How to assign ICs on your team various roles and responsibilities while you are away
  • How to build an efficient roadmap with your product partner ensure long term success for the team
  • How to find someone on your team who can step into your role when it comes to making important engineering decisions
  • How to continue to promote aspects of culture which you have created to ensure everyone feels motivated and excited about working in the team