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More and more companies are exploring a digital-first design for their way of working. We realise the immense potential of this way of working. We are also in the midst of one of the greatest job migrations, with the pandemic propelling many of us to rethink our jobs and redesign our lives. Leading is hard at best of times. Leading remotely brings with it an even more interesting set of challenges. But you add a real fire to the spanner when you think about how you can start a leadership position remotely.

How do you start building trust with your reports without so many of the visual and non-verbal cues we have come to rely on? How do you learn what makes your reports tick without the benefit of being able to observe them on the work floor? While traditionally you would spend the first 90 days getting to know you organisation, the structure of your teams and spend time reflecting on the most pressing issues and forming an opinion, how does being completely digital change this?

I will talk about some of the opportunities and challenges represented by this new way of working. I will also deconstruct a 90 day plan for a new manager leading digitally on what they should focus on, be wary of and how they can make this journey an enjoyable one, setting them up for success.