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This talk outlines key areas you should invest in to scale your Engineering hiring process.

At accuRx, a London based health tech startup, we grew our Engineering team by 2.5x in 2021.

The talk begins in January 2021 - with two Engineering managers navigating a heavily competitive engineering recruitment industry - and ends in December 2021 - with a well understood and successful interview process, having successfully hired 29 new members. During this time we rode the highs - landing 8 accepted offers in 8 weeks - and the lows - a fallow period, and the anxiety caused by forcing the company to slow down in other areas of hiring while waiting for engineering to catch up. We will talk about how we touched every part of the hiring process in order to maximise our chances of having great engineers join us at accuRx.

This talk goes beyond running a job description through a gender neutral text tool. It focuses on the key things you need to set up a fair, effective and scalable, hiring machine. These include ensuring excellent candidate experience; upskilling your team to interview and provide the feedback needed to make a hiring decision quickly, and what you need to do to get great candidates to apply. Expect to come out of this talk with a set of actionable items that you can own and make a difference in hiring into your team.