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On the second day of my career I remember sitting awkwardly on a train, staring almost cross-eyed at a coding kata and feeling my cheeks redden in shame at not knowing what a hexadecimal was. However this wasn't just my second day, it was my second career; a humbling fact that served to make my cheeks only that much redder. Was that bootcamp career-switch a mistake?

Four years later, I am the Technical Lead of a team working with the BBC to improve audience interaction.

In the competition for the best people, better understanding Career Changers means unlocking a new source of talent that can bring a richer range of perspectives and experience.

To recruit the strongest candidates you will need to understand their motivations and the paths they take to applying.

To nurture them you will need to meet them where they are and know how to support them through a life-changing switch.

To help them reach their potential, you must support them in making the most of their differences.

I will share my lessons and personal perspectives from walking the path from Graduate to Lead in both Business and Software Engineering, so that your team and organisation can thrive through attracting and developing Career-Switching Tech talent.