Leadership ≠ Management

As engineers scale the technical track, they need to take on a whole new set of leadership skills.

And while managers are often provided with resources and support, very senior individual contributors (ICs) aren’t. StaffPlus is here to change that.

Session topics

Defining the role of senior ICs • Effective technical strategies • Scaling incident management • Influencing at scale • Cross-team project success • Navigating the manager-senior IC relationship

Featured speakers

On September 14, the world’s most senior individual contributors came together to identify the challenges faced by senior ICs, explore how to overcome them, and build the leadership standards for the technical track.

Keavy McMinn Stripe Org Tech Lead
Yonatan Zunger Twitter Distinguished Engineer
Tanya Reilly Squarespace Principal Software Engineer
Alice Li Squarespace Staff Engineer
Matthew Hawthorne Supreme Informatics Independent Software Consultant
Samantha Schaevitz Google Principal Engineer
Laura Nolan Stanza Principal Software Engineer
Sarah Milstein Daily VP of Engineering