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An Engineer's Guide to a Good Night's Sleep

Nicky Wrightson

In this talk, I will be exploring and discussing some of my top approaches and techniques to help reduce the risk of that dreaded 3am call! You will gain some practical insight into how to handle failure in today's more complex distributed microservice systems. This will include looking at approaches to resiliency, understanding your system, understanding the requirements for fault tolerance, and the developers' mindset necessary for this. I will be peppering this talk with real world examples, and an occasional war story along the way too.

Getting excited about maintaining legacy systems

I would like to share the steps I went through when I could no longer avoid diving into the unknown, some anecdotes of things I’ve learnt and how I have been trying to get my team excited about sharing the brunt of helping production systems continue running.

Productise your project's technical quality

Maria Ntalla
Maria Ntalla

In this talk, I’ll go through a framework that you can use as a reference when deciding what aspects of tech debt to address, in what order, and in what way. You can adjust that to match your team’s special context and challenges, but I’ll also take you through some implementations that I’ve seen in engineering teams as examples. By the end of the session, you’ll have tools that will help you choose the most effective way towards engineering setup and decision making that works for your team, but also grow your team’s muscles towards identifying these areas in the future.

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LeadDev Meetup Oct 2019