Let's start with some guidance on building and onboarding your team in a remote-first world.

Hiring the right engineer: remote interviewing that works

The hiring process can look very different in a remote world. Allison McMillan has some advice on getting this key first step right.

James Stanier, LeadDev Berlin 2022

How to successfully onboard remote engineering staff in four weeks

Onboarding in a remote environment is more important than ever. James Stanier at Shopify has an excellent four week plan to nail this part of the process and get your new hire settled and productive.

Successfully integrating remote engineers

Inclusion doesn’t end at onboarding. Here, Greg Dick delves into integrating remote engineers.

Quick wins to create an inclusive remote organization

Vaidehi Joshi has some quick wins to optimize for inclusive remote teams.

Run better meetings to build community in your remote team

Learn to make each remote meeting matter while building a strong community, with Jason Lengstorf.

How to create more collisions in remote working environments

It’s been an ongoing challenge for managers leading remote teams: how to create those moments of magic where colleagues collide and spark ideas.

Distributed teams: how to hone connection, communication, and collaboration

In this talk from LeadDev Berlin 2020, Lena Reinhard shares her perspective on creating better connection, communication, and collaboration across distributed teams.

Effective meeting facilitation techniques

This talk from LeadDev London 2020 isn’t necessarily specific to remote dev teams, but Neha Batra of GitHub lays out the fundamentals of running effective meetings that are applicable to all types of teams.

Pandemic remote work and purpose-built remote work are not the same thing

Nick Means explains the key difference between remote working during a pandemic, and building something more sustainable.

Nick Means lead-dev-austin-2019

The profound changes that our workplaces are going through give us an opportunity for leadership to improve team performance and satisfaction.

The huge opportunity of remote leadership

Sarah Milstein identifies the massive opportunity in true remote leadership.