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It had been a few years since I'd let my creative juices flow and written any articles. Understandably, I was a bit rusty. I'm pleased to say that with the assistance of Ishaan and Scott, they helped me refine my article into a slick, quick read. I can't wait to join forces with the LeadDev Team and get stuck into my next piece.

Stu Cavill
Cleo Engineering Manager

The LeadDev team is professional, friendly, and easy to work with. The team set clear timelines for every step of the process. Their suggested edits brought my article to the next level. Having my article featured on LeadDev has led to engineering leaders reaching out to me on social media and quoting my work. It was a pleasure to work with LeadDev on this article. I'd love to do it again soon!

Cara Borenstein
Stashpad CEO and Co-founder

Being part of the leaddev community as both a subscriber and a contributor has helped me grow both personally and professionally.  Some of the connections I’ve made through LeadDev will last me a lifetime.  It’s so wonderful to have a place to meet likeminded technologists and leaders who are all passionate about helping each other succeed.

Leslie Chapman
Comcast Engineering Fellow

Share your story and ideas

We are a safe, welcoming space that wants all voices of the engineering leadership community to be heard. Whether it is your first-ever or your 50th article, we want to champion your ideas. 
If you are thinking about writing an article for us, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Thought leadership content 
  • Personal experiences with key takeaways for our community 
  • Case studies or projects you’ve worked on that have made a difference 
  • Lessons learned from your own career journey 
  • Demystifying a complex role or piece of engineering jargon - whether that’s a team or a project, a collaborative process or a niche job title. If it will inform our audience, we’d love to hear from you!

We publish content on the topics of:

  • Teams (anything related to people management, inclusive & diverse environments, hiring & retention, challenging issues etc.)
  • Tech (anything related to new languages, frameworks & technologies, trends & changes, scaling, architecture etc.) 
  • Process (anything related to how your team works, Agile & other delivery methods, maintaining a high-performing team etc.) 
  • Personal Development (anything related to improving leadership skills, maintaining your mental health, adapting to a new role etc.)  
  • Senior individual contributors (anything related to demystifying the role of ICs, career ladder frameworks, improving development processes and practices, providing value to the business, levelling up system performance, cross-team collaboration, increasing your sphere of influence etc.)

Who will you be writing for?

Senior software engineers; from developers and tech leads, to engineering managers and senior individual contributors. 
They are consistently technical (across a broad range of technologies and industries). It is also worth noting that some readers have recently been promoted or are trying to figure out what skills they need to progress to their next role.

What does LeadDev offer?

If we choose your article for publication, we’ll offer all the support we can in creating your article. Once you send in your article, you’ll work closely with our editorial team to get your article ready for publication. 
We also pay an honorarium of $250 to everyone who writes an article for our site.

Questions about the process 

If you have any further questions before you submit, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.
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I was so excited to be given the opportunity to write an article for LeadDev, share my recent experience on building a career progression framework and hopefully help other members of the wider community. 
The whole experience, from the submission of the idea to the actual publication, was really smooth. I had great support in the form of guidelines and thorough feedback from the team. I learned a lot in the process about writing engaging articles and I am looking forward to preparing my next one!

Nikos Galifianakis
Secret Escapes Head of Engineering

I worked with the team at LeadDev to publish my article. This was my first experience publishing with LeadDev. 
I found the LeadDev team very collaborative, empathetic, and took the time to listen and understand my thought process and then, they would recommend changes to be made to the article. 
The LeadDev editor helped reduce the number of words and also phrase sentences to have a greater impact on the audience. 
As an engineer, writing isn't my strength and the LeadDev team worked with me and made the experience of writing and publishing the article fun!

Shweta Bhandare
Recursion Principal Engineer

LeadDev's submission process makes it easy to submit an article idea.  By asking a few directed questions, the submission form helps me clarify who I want to reach, what I want them to learn from my article and how to structure my article to achieve both ends.  After submission, LeadDev's editors strengthen the article: starting with simple grammar corrections and continuing through with proofreading and questions around parts that were unclear.  After publication, the LeadDev team promotes the article on Twitter and other social media platforms, which helps get the article in front of a wider audience.

Jeffrey Sherman
Active Campaign Staff Engineer

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