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Becoming a CTO requires you to wear many hats and optimize your skillsets accordingly. But what does that really mean for the role today?

Parag Agrawal (CTO, Twitter) and David Singleton (CTO, Stripe) join Jason Wong, Meri Williams and Rija Javed to explore the CTO role today.

Although Chief Technology Officer is only a single job title, in reality, it feels like it could be any number of different jobs. Some CTOs are focused on organizational leadership, some stay hands on the keyboard, some are strong pitchers who secure funding, and some lead the product and commercial strategy. In all likelihood, however, even if your core focus is in one of those areas, as a CTO you’ll continually be putting on many hats and doing most of that work at least some of the time.

In this 45-minute discussion we’ll take a look the different paths that can lead you to the role of CTO; explore the different focuses that CTOs can have; navigate how to switch between your skill sets and level each one up; and begin to outline the similarities and differences of modern CTOs.

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