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Stop Recruiting for Rockstars: The Skills You Really Want to Hire For, and Why

Danae Shell

In the race for talent and growth, it can feel urgent to find “rockstar” employees that will 10x your business. But are we all falling prey to 100-year old assumptions when we set out to recruit? Some of the most essential skills needed in modern companies are overlooked, undervalued, and not listed on the job ads we all see. This talk will explain how you can change your hiring approach to target those overlooked skills, gaining a competitive edge in the hiring market that will help you hire faster, retain more team members and get stuff done.

Real teams are rare

Tim Leslie

What's more important to people in your team, succeeding in their own tasks or achieving the team goal? Do you go into handover hell whenever someone leaves? Is being asked for help by a team member seen as a distraction? Real teams are rare but in many organisation they do exist. This talk aims to shed some light on the environment you need to create for your team to thrive.

Changing Change

Stuart Davidson

If you thought software engineers get excited about writing documentation, wait till you see how enthusiastic they can be about change management! But for an industry that has more words for change than the Scots do for precipitation, why don't we take it more seriously? Let me walk you through an easy 10-step template and some examples of where I've used it in Skyscanner to manage change across an organisation.

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LeadDev Meetup Feb 2020