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Act Like a Coach: Solution Focused Leadership

Krystyna Kurinna

As an Engineering Manager, you often take up different roles: a leader, a coach, a moderator, or just a team member. And you constantly balance between being decisive enough and trusting your team.

As a leader of an ever-strengthening team, I believe that it is necessary to set a focus on reduction of mentoring and increase of coaching component in your leadership style. Solution Focused approach is a reliable instrument which supports you on your way to a right blend of mentoring and coaching.

Team(Dream)Work - the journey of becoming a team

We were a group of 6 put together on a mission to deliver a highly-secure yet flexible, modern and a lightweight mobile component, compliant with the newest payment security standard and easily integratable in iOS & Android shop apps.

Distributed between two countries and four office locations, with everyone collaborating with each other for the first time - for some in the group, it was the very first professional assignment, the others debutants in their role and for the company the first product of that kind.

This talk shares the journey of becoming a team, the joys and sorrows of embracing the unknown, overcoming the distance, leveraging everyone's skills in tackling tough security and technical challenges, to meet the hard deadlines. It shares the steps and rituals of our way to uncovering the passion-driven development and successful launch of the product.

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LeadDev Meetup Dec 2019