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Speaking to your team members - How to have effective one on one meetings

Janusz Leidgens
Janusz Leidgens

One of my team leads once told me that having a 1-1 with me feels like having a session with a therapist. This was a huge compliment for me. Having 1-1s helps me to understand my team, to recognize problems early on and to support my employees and the team to grow.

Getting to a point where a one on one meeting feels like a good use of time for the involved is not easy and takes some training. I had a good mentor and some years of (sometimes awkward) training and will give the audience a head start by sharing my experiences.

First I will explain why 1-1 meetings are important for me as a team lead but also as a direct report. How they provide a channel for employees to raise issues to a higher level and to make them feel taken seriously. In the second part, I will speak about the practical things: How to schedule a 1-1? How to prepare and follow up on a good one to one meeting? What to do in a one on one and what not, how to guide the conversation and make the 1-1 a safe space that is dedicated time for the team member you are with. Finally, I will talk about specific questions that I ask and how to use this information. I will also explain why the second most important question for me is: What is your favourite baked good?

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Stacia Carr

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LeadDev Meetup April 2019