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Individual Contributors Managing Interns: Name a More Iconic Duo, I’ll Wait

 Marie Chatfield Rivas
Marie Chatfield Rivas

Running a remote team and what metrics can do for you

Dalia Havens
Dalia Havens

GitLab is 100% distributed and remote company. As an engineering director I would like to share the tools I use to measure the health of the teams reporting to me. Engineering metrics are extremely powerful but you need to find the ones and will allow you to measure the team's productivity as well as identify bottlenecks and challenges that the team need to focus on.

I will discuss how to develop those metrics and the importance of driving the team with the proper incentives. I will discuss how to introduce these metrics to your engineering team and get everyone to benefit from the visibility of an engineering development dashboard.

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LeadDev Meetup July 2019