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Building an interview process from scratch

Christine Gerpheide

Crafting interviews is hard. How many interviews do you do? Do you do live coding? Are questions the same each time? Especially in small companies, the interview process can be informal, inconsistent, and -- worse -- ineffective at getting offers to the right people. Chris will describe how Bespoke revamped their interview process to optimize for efficiency and happiness, helping them grow their engineering team from 6 engineers to 15 in the first half of 2019. Furthermore, she'll share a general methodology that can be applied at any company wishing to redesign their interview process, customized for their company values. This talk is suitable for any hiring manager or individual with influence over the hiring process, especially for technical teams.

"Let's measure success!", and similar lies

Tom Nijhuis

This is a talk borne from experiences of the many ways that Key Performance Indicators can go wrong. We will try to answer what 'key' means, what 'performance' means, and when something actually can be considered an 'indicator'. We'll look at amusing incentives, try to separate signals from the noise, and once and for all understand the difference between accuracy and precision.

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LeadDev Meetup Oct 2019