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Optimizing your engineering candidate experience

Clement Chidiac

In a very candidate-short market, companies are competing to attract talent. From experience, we know a positive candidate experience is key to be able to have a chance to beat this competition.

During this talk, I will share my experiences as a recruiter helping Tokyo-based companies to hire engineers, including examples of what worked, and what didn't.

How much do you actually know about underrepresentation?

Tutti Quintella
Tutti Quintella

Most people already know that the tech industry looks incredibly homogeneous and lacks diversity in every layer of it. But the contributing factors and the consequences of this picture are so hard to measure that it's still rare to have an honest discussion about the importance of diversity and reach an agreement on what can be done about it or if anything should be done at all. This talk brings a complete overview and tons of data on underrepresented groups in tech, the causes of underrepresentation, why the lack of diversity is a problem in the first place, the impact on your business and how important we, as leaders, are to improve this picture. The numbers are mostly focused on (the lack of) women in the tech industry, but many examples apply to other underrepresented groups and even other industries.

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LeadDev Meetup Jan 2020