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Democratizing evolution and change in growing organizations

Sebastian Duque
Sebastian Duque

It's expected for the structure of your teams and organization to change as you grow. This is also true for the processes and communication channels you need in place so that everyone remains highly effective. What works well for a team of ten engineers falls short once you have thirty. You adapt and then feel some friction again when you get to a hundred. Rinse and repeat. At Intercom, we’ve iterated and been through this process a few times having grown engineering from one team of four engineers sitting together in the same room to 160 engineers in 30 teams across three countries and two time-zones.

I’ll share how we’ve been successful at empowering engineers to drive organizational change. Their unique perspective being on the ground allows them to identify, solve and own solutions to the challenges they face.

We’ll go through the journey of how we identified and solved a problem with internal knowledge sharing in Engineering. In doing this we’ll shed some light into the following questions so that you’re better prepared to take on these sort of challenges: Why was it important to iterate? What was unique about it that didn’t apply company-wide? How do you identify when you've outgrown your current setup? How do you set yourself, and the org, up for success? You should be able to take some of the ideas and answers to these and apply them to existing or future problems your teams might face.

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers: Tautology and Business Value

Heidi Waterhouse
Heidi Waterhouse

You didn't get that cool programming job because you're a great programmer. You got it because the company you work for wants to make money and they think you can help. It's easy for us to feel like our worth/value/capitalist expression is tied to our employment, but it's also useful to flip that narrative and talk about how our companies need us, and how we can use that understanding to be more valuable employees and even better humans.

What is the value that you bring to your employer? Can you articulate it? Can you expand it? Can you take that value and use it for your own purposes?

Microallyship: Micro servicing your team’s culture

Neha Batra
Neha Batra

What can you do today to reinforce your dedication to support the marginalized? I’ll be sharing 10 tiny microallyship patches we can apply to our environment to support our folks, starting right now!

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LeadDev Meetup Sept 2019