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5 Powerful Leadership Mindsets to Create the Impact and Influence You Want

Jean Hsu
Jean Hsu
Edmond Lau
Edmond Lau

"I'm waiting for the right opportunity.”
"I need to have more experience before I can do that.”
“I don't even know if I'm doing a good job.”
“If I ask for help, people will think less of me.”
“I'm not responsible for that change.”

We all have different limiting beliefs and voices that hold us back from the leader we want to be and the impact we want to have.

We'll identify 5 most common limiting beliefs — and the empowering mindsets that great leaders replace them with. We'll share stories of how these beliefs held us back — especially in leading without authority.

Driving team velocity and velocity antipatterns

Hera Li

Team velocity is one of the most abused and misunderstood concepts in software development. This talk will demystify team velocity and understand the various antipatterns of velocity through practical examples and how to leverage it to drive positive culture and delivery.

Rethinking the career development path

Randall Koutnik
Randall Koutnik

Our current methods for measuring a developer’s career progression are broken. At best, we count the number of days someone’s been paid to write code and massage that into a title. As a result, there’s no consensus as to what a given title means, leading to frustration for everyone.

We’ll discuss focusing on a path centered around autonomy. Walk through the three stages of a developer’s life: The Implementer, who’s just learning the ropes and needs careful attention. The Solver, who tackles ever-bigger problems - and needs the responsibility to match. Finally, the Finder, who will revolutionise how you do work but only if you let them.

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LeadDev Meetup May 2019