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Navigating the mid-career plateau

Uma Chingunde
Uma Chingunde

As both engineers and managers reach mid-career levels referred to as career or terminal levels e.g.Senior engineer, Senior Manager levels in many technology companies, they are often faced with uncertainty and ambiguity on possible next steps in their career.

This talk offers some strategies to think about careers at this stage. Some questions we will address: How do you think of your career goal outside of the usual career ladders? How do these change as you get more senior? What are traditional vs non-traditional IC and manager paths you can explore? How do you think about the engineer vs manager track? What are some variations on the above for underrepresented groups?

Uma has supported engineers and managers in multiple engineering teams of various sizes through career growth in different environments, from large company environments to startups. If you are someone navigating the mid-career stage or thinking a few steps ahead, this talk is for you.

Evolution of Skillz Web Applications

David Hu

At the early days of Skillz, our web applications fully built using Ruby on Rails, since it is a framework that helps us quickly create and iterate. As our company grew larger, we demanded more and more dynamic functionality, especially on the frontend. Our existing toolset was no longer sustainable. We searched for the right framework to build around, and eventually decided on React, and later implemented TypeScript as well.

This is a talk about the evolution of Skillz web application from Rails to Rails/React to Rails/React/TypeScript, the decisions we made along the way, and some mistakes and learnings.

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