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Surviving your first year as a manager

Gemma Barlow
Gemma Barlow

The first twelve months of your managerial career are the toughest. In this talk, Gemma will describe five of the techniques she has used to survive her multiple re-entries into engineering management - with real stories of the wins, mistakes and entertaining moments along the way.

Reaping Rewards from Debugging Teamwork and Crafting Better Processes

Fernando Andrade

We all hear about the benefits of continuous, rapid iteration for digital product development. But what about the people behind those products, and the processes they use to build great digital experiences? In this talk, Fernando speaks about our responsibility for continuous improvement and how it can be a rewarding approach. Adapting your processes for each team can yield higher morale and higher-quality products. From optimizing code reviews to escalating the number of codebase contributors, hear real examples of teamwork challenges and how custom solutions for these have worked to deliver products at Work & Co.

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LeadDev Meetup Feb 2019