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How I Made the Leap; How I Helped Her Make the Leap

Amy Harms
Victoria Puscas
Victoria Puscas

This is a joint talk about the journey from Engineer to Engineering Manager. Amy and Victoria team up to share the different conversations and exercises they went through as mentor and mentee during Victoria's transition into a management role and their continued 1:1 relationship.

Staying Curious with Clean Language

Damian Crawford
Damian Crawford

Another day another misunderstood requirement that has created another delay, increased development costs and reduced ROI. If only there was another option for you to have caught this problem earlier, closing the feedback loop in such a way that delivery felt effortless.

Learn how to improve your curiosity and listen better. In this talk, you will get to experience the benefits of asking a few of the dozen clean language questions (developed by David Grove).

Clean Language questions help you and your team members become great listeners and curious participants in any meeting, being involved in ways that can have a great impact on your products and delighting your customers further.

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LeadDev Meetup Sept 2018