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Surviving and Thriving in Your First Management Role

Annie Hsieh

You’ve made the move from being an individual contributor into management, now what? The transition can be quite jarring, even if you think you are prepared for it. In this talk, I’ll share the most important lessons I’ve learned in my first year of being an engineering manager and how I adjusted to my new role. If you are already in management, I hope this talk can serve as a refresher about how to coach others looking to get into management.

Engineering with Empathy

Elliot Chenger

Ever seen a rookie mistake in a code review, find an incredibly simple bug in a legacy code base or maybe have an interviewee make a minor mistake during an interview? Congratulations, you have encountered a normal human being!

Let’s talk about how we can turn mistakes and misunderstandings into teaching moments while being direct without being rude. We’ve all been there, so let’s talk about how our actions can make or break our relationships with other engineers, designers, QA members, etc...

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LeadDev Meetup Sept 2019