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Taking the Pain Out of Support Engineering

Cecy Correa
Cecy Correa

Production support is not a priority. No one on the team wants to work on support cards. Being on-call is a pain. Does this ring a bell? We've all been there! There is a better way to handle Support Engineering for your product. A way that will level up your team, and create positive support experiences for your customers. Drawing on 3+ years of Support Engineering at two different companies, I will share successful Support patterns and tools you can start using today to improve your product support.

The Phantom of the Operant: Unmasking Imposter Syndrome

Caitlin Hudon
Caitlin Hudon

Tech is a fertile ground for imposter syndrome -- technologies and tools change quickly, its practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds, and the evolving job landscape, roles, and titles aren't always clearly defined. All of this (and more) contributes to feelings of imposter syndrome. I'd like to talk about why imposter syndrome is so prevalent, ways to deal with it, and how we as a community can do better to support those who feel imposter syndrome and help to curtail its impact.

The 5 existential crises of senior-level engineers

Brandon Hays

Where have all the industry veterans gone? By simply looking around and seeing how few contributors with 20+ years of experience we work with, you're actually staring our industry's sustainability problem right in the face. Top-level talent is hitting existential crises, burning out, and ejecting from their career track (or even the industry). Fret not, we can start fixing these problems, right now, whether you’re a manager or an individual contributor.

Using research across companies of all sizes, you'll come away with a plan to start designing a sustainable career track to folks grow in skill, influence, and capability now and long into the future.

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LeadDev Meetup Sep 2018