15 mins
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Engineering teams need to balance a number of priorities in order to drive for impact. Impact means anchoring on the business goals and driving for results. This is easier said than done but with the help of data, teams can make the right trade-offs while ensuring the business continues to be successful.

When measuring for impact, utilization is not the goal. The goal is to create the right level of differentiation in the product. As you scale, this practice will allow you to mobilize many teams with the same lazer focus on key results. Helping your team drive for working smarter not harder. To identify roadblocks and remove them. To invest where there is a longer-term benefit. These decisions are best made by the team members who are closest to the day-to-day work.

In this talk, we’ll cover:

  • The 2 key categories that will allow you to extend decision-making autonomy to the team.
  • How to build metrics that give you the right level of visibility and tools to work alongside your team.
  • The importance of driving focus so the team can better drive toward key business results.

As a senior leader, this talk builds upon the fundamental concepts with a focus on leveraging your team’s work for impact. You will have the tools to empower your teams to do their best work and a way to keep a healthy balance between autonomy and accountability.