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How can you demonstrate that you are capable of fulfilling the role of a Principal engineer?

June 26 & 29, 2023 In-person workshops
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As you continue your path on the Staff+ career ladder, you will begin to get more involved in setting the technical strategy. But defining all the staple jobs of Principal engineers is difficult, as the role differs from org to org which can often pose challenges when new ICs are being recruited into the business. 

Whilst a standardized definition might be nice, we’re taking an alternative approach! What should you start working on when looking to be promoted above a Staff engineer level?

Join the second webinar in our ‘Defining the IC career ladder’ series to find out exactly what the job of a principal engineer looks like across an array of organizations.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to set your definition as a principal engineer
  • Understanding when you're ready to be promoted from Staff to Principal engineer
  • Communicate technical strategy across all levels of the organization
  • Define and demonstrate the skill set needed in your day to day role
Understanding the role as a Staff engineer
Understanding the role as a Staff engineer
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