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Welcome to LeadingEng San Francisco 2022


Welcome to LeadingEng San Francisco

A welcome to LeadingEng Sanfrancisco 2022 from our host.

Interactive session Career paths, progression, promotion

Career Vectors - CTO Flavors: Mixing & Matching Skillsets

Learn how to define your own personal development plan as a CTO




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How Managers Can Successfully Lead Their Teams Through Change

In this session, Rukmini Reddy, SVP of Engineering at Slack, will share her perspective on why change is a must and the positive impacts that can come with it when you can gain buy-in and trust from the people on your team behind the change. She will walk through change objectives and best practices for communicating change, and how managers can be positive change agents for their organizations by approaching change management through a human lens.

Interactive session Professional development

Intentional influence

Learn how to create positive change in your work environment and gain buy-in from people in power, your direct reports, and cross-functional leaders.

Creating the story of your culture

This talk will outline what are the essential facets of building your culture and how you ensure diversity, equity, and belonging go hand and hand.


Better Engineering through Business Understanding

This talk will focus on strategies and skills that can help you develop business understanding including key concepts related to finance and product strategy.

Strengthening company alignment

As a senior leader, you are often the in-between person who is matching the business needs, product execution and the team’s talent. That work requires you to communicate proficiently to ensure everyone understands the needs and the status of progress. In this talk, we’ll cover the basic communication paths to be successful as a senior engineering leader and dive into two of the most difficult parts of it: forward planning and driving accountability in your teams.

Technical Strategy as a Superpower

​​​​​​​This talk will give you an understanding of what makes a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ strategy, how to craft one, how to articulate and communicate it, and how to adapt it as times change.


How to keep learning in leadership

As an Engineering Leader you are expected to keep up-to-date with your company’s priorities, the latest technology trends and management/leadership best practices, all while successfully delivering on your team’s initiatives. Are you struggling with how to manage it all? You are not alone! Learn tangible strategies and tips on how successful leaders stay sane and make it look so easy.

Interactive session Leadership skills

Healthy and Effective Leadership Teams

How can you set up the foundations for fostering healthier leadership teams?

Effective Engineering Leadership Growth

In this talk Bruno will share tactics on getting constructive feedback from peers, learning from new mentors and the strategies you can use use to keep growing your skills and expertise as an engineering leader.




Networking mixer

Network with our community

Conference wrap-up

That's a wrap, thanks for coming.

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