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Traps when spotting and growing new managers

In this talk, Javier discusses how the success of a manager depends on two things: spotting skillset fit and cultivating habitat fit.


Scale up: How to grow your team without growing headcount

Join CJ as he uses colorful AI-generated images to illustrate three stories about how he approaches this challenge.


Critical components of successful delegation

This talk presents techniques to help you be prepared to delegate, sponsor, and coach your team in a way that empowers them to grow their careers and makes your load manageable. Done right, delegation will be an invaluable tool you reach for again and again.


Harassers are nice to me

Sarah Milstein looks at techniques for surfacing and addressing bad behaviour in the workplace.

16:20 30 mins

Stop! Strategy time!

In this talk, Lena Reinhard shares a practical, highly applicable framework that everyone can use to become a more strategic leader. Start these concrete daily, weekly, and quarterly actions to elevate your role and think, operate, and lead more strategically.


Level up your code reviews

Denise Yu gets us thinking about code reviews in terms of different lenses to help engineers of all experience levels build a vocabulary for seeking and providing feedback in a healthy, thoughtful, and collaborative way.


Rubrics cubed: Attempting to quantify the qualitative in the interview process

Shawna Martell and Dan Fike discussed how they created their rubrics and introduced them to their organization, and what they discovered about how the process has affected their hiring outcomes.


No more heroes: User experience design for incident response

In this talk, Plum discusses the "user experience design" of incident response processes that allow them to grow alongside a rapidly expanding team and technical landscape. Using a real-world example, we'll look at the workflows that enable a "neighborhood watch" of cross-functional team members to join forces to battle bugs - sometimes under cover of night - so that the heroes can retire (or at least get some more sleep).


Explaining distributed systems like I'm five

In this talk, Michele will look at many easy examples of how a distributed architecture could virtually scale infinitely, always explaining this... like he is five!


Rise of the platform (Team)

In this talk, you're going to learn what a platform team is, what they do, and why your business needs one.


Navigating parental leave as a senior engineering leader

In this talk, Iccha covers what she did to prepare before her parental leave, from the perspective of business, and how to keep an org functioning healthy while you are out. She also covers how she eased back into my role upon return and what you can do as managers and peers to support your coworkers on parental leave.


Developer productivity 2.0

In this session, Gergely will walk through a survey on how various engineering teams work, and what approaches they have found productive. You'll walk away with insights to what developer productivity means, and approaches and tools that you can experiment with.


People building: Career planning for your direct reports

Daniel Burke shares his playbook on career planning for your direct reports.


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