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Define your own progression and responsibilities in becoming a senior individual contributor.

The role and definition of a Staff engineer differs from org to org. This poses a challenge when looking to recruit new ICs into the business as the job title doesn’t always translate to the skillset that you’re looking for. 

Whilst a standardised definition might be nice, we’re taking an alternative approach! How can you best define your own personal progression when your org doesn’t have a clear career ladder?

Join the first webinar in our ‘Defining the IC career ladder’ series to find out exactly what the job of a senior staff engineer looks like across an array of organizations and stay tuned in the coming months as we climb the career ladder and explore what Staff+ looks like from Staff engineer to CTO.

Key learnings

  • Understand how to set your own definition of your job role in an organisation
  • Learn the key skills you need for moving up towards a Staff engineer 
  • Define the commonalities of the day to day job role across different organizations
  • Create your own set standard KPIs and skills to build your career