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Create realistic goals that drive performance across the wider business.

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As a senior engineering leader, it’s expected that you provide strategies to help move the whole business forward. This isn’t always straightforward as you have to make sure to set goals that generate direct results, across multiple teams, while staying relevant to the long-term success of the org.

In this panel, we will discuss how senior leaders can set and communicate goals for their teams that drive growth for both their engineering org and the wider business. We’ll look at the internal and external factors to take into account during this process, along with how to portray your vision across your entire org and to those outside engineering.

Key takeaways

  • Understand what success looks like for your engineering org
  • Communicate effectively to both your team and senior stakeholders
  • Set actionable goals that align with the wider business objective
  • Decide which frameworks are better for your teams
  • Cultivate a culture that drives growth in the right direction
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