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An engineering team is only as effective as its individuals, and individuals are only effective when playing to their strengths and doing work they enjoy. As a manager, you need to ensure each of your team members is in a role they feel capable of, are satisfied with, and contributes to their growth.  Otherwise, you will not only end up with an underperforming team but also unhappy engineers who may well look elsewhere for fulfillment in their work.

In this panel, engineering leaders will discuss how you can uncover strengths and weaknesses in your team, and how you can use this knowledge to drive productivity and engagement. Whether you’ve just started building a new team, or you’re going through a reorg, gain practical advice on how to help your reports grow as engineers, and help you grow as a more effective manager.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to fill gaps and roles without hiring new people by making smarter decisions when organizing the team and assigning roles
  • Understand how to provide more direction in how each employee can grow and succeed in their role by building trusting relationships with your reports
  • Performance reviews are more constructive and actionable because of greater insight into your team members’ abilities and goals
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