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How can you help your engineers to develop a healthy and productive work relationship, enabling them to thrive?

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Burnout is common in software engineering. Especially in fast-paced and demanding environments where it can feel like being productive and experiencing signs of burnout are often considered a natural part of being a developer. But mindsets like this are neither healthy nor sustainable over the long term, and they can lead to demotivation and underperformance in teams. So how can you show your reports how to build a healthy and productive relationship with work that allows them to be the best engineers they can be and thrive in their environment?

In this panel, technology leaders focus on identifying what burnout really looks like and how to prevent it. The panel discusses how managers of all levels can improve the well-being of their teams, including tips on setting and communicating boundaries, effectively allocating resources, and leading by example.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how orgs impacted by layoffs have restructured their teams while keeping developer well-being front of mind
  • Gain an understanding of how to identify signs of burnout within your teams 
  • Learn effective prioritization of projects and effective allocation of resources 
  • Communicate your teams’ needs to senior stakeholders and the wider org
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