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How do you plug skills gaps to keep your team moving forward?

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Engineering leaders will rarely manage a team with a ‘complete’ skill set. Tech is unpredictable and fast-paced: skills gaps are bound to appear. These gaps result in process inefficiencies, project roadblocks, and reduced output.

So how can leaders identify and fill gaps in their team’s skillset?

In this panel, we will talk about why identifying skills gaps is so important, and discuss the different ways engineering leaders can recognize them. Panelists will also share examples of how they’ve filled these gaps, leading to higher performing, happier, and more autonomous teams.

Key takeaways

  • Explore practical examples of how to identify engineers’ skills gaps
  • Learn about non-traditional, time-effective ways of filling gaps 
  • Set your team up for the next stage of growth in your business
  • Support engineers' future career prospects

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Skiller Whale does live, hands-on micro-coaching for developers, with topics targeted at individuals’ skill gaps. Led by experts in React, Python, Postgres, Typescript, Golang among others, dev teams get fast knowledge of advanced features in 2 hours per month.

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